What Is Biofilm?

slimy films or clumps are made up of many different types of bacteria bound together in a thick substance that acts as a glue to both hold bacteria together to adhere to a surface.
  1. Biofilms can stain and pit surfaces, as they are home to Protozoa, fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms, in addition to minerals and other debris.
  2. Biofilms can spread easily and contaminate other areas, increasing the opportunity to spread illness.
  3. Biofilms are difficult to remove without physical agitation
  4. Bacteria surrounded by biofilm are harder to kill with sanitizers and disinfectants
Disinfectants, bleach, and most standard cleaners do not have the inherent chemical ability to break down disease and odour causing organic matter. As a result, biofilm can develop on virtually any surface creating an environment for recurring illness. Cleaning is an important first step because it physically removes dirt, organic matter and most germs from surface but does not destroy some harmful germs that may remain. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before disinfection. This ensures that germs are not hidden from disinfectant when applied. ProVetLogic products are bacteria enriched to break down biofilms.

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Our commitment to a cleaner and safer environment starts with the manufacturing of our products. We use clean technology to power our production facility and follow the Global Harmonization System for product labeling, while adhering to strict E.P.A. standards

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