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Description: High performance, bacterial-enriched multi-surface cleaner, odor eliminator, organic waste degrader, and drain maintainer. Used for equine/animal stables and barns, loose soil and grassy areas, large animal cages and pens, animal transport vehicles. Eliminates ammonia smell and minimizes flies.
Directions: Can be used with bucket and brush, pump-up sprayer, foam gun, pressure washer, or automatic scrubber.
Light Cleaning-Dilute 2-3 oz of product per gallon of water, apply to surface, allow to sit 3-5 minutes, agitate if needed. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
Med Cleaning-Dilute 3-4 oz of product per gallon of water-use same directions as above
Heavy Cleaning-Dilute 6-80z of product per gallon on water-use same directions as above.


Why is eliminating ammonia important-Ammonia can damage an animal's respiratory system. Even at low levels, the noxious gas rises is inhaled by the animal and may cause damage to tissue in the animal's respiratory tract causing pneumonia, heaves, or even equine CPD, known as asthma. Foals and other young animals are even more susceptible as they tend to spend more time lying in the stall bedding.
IMPORTANT: Stable environment is formulated with non-Endocrine Disrupting chemicals.

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